Vitti, give me five to seven years, teachers I will fire you tomorrow if you do not perform

You know a lot of new teachers really
aren’t given a fair shake. They often have to go to the toughest schools and
the hardest classrooms because that’s where the jobs are and there many
flounder. Then they get micromanaged and bombarded with paper work that often has
little to do with teaching.  I have no
doubt many would succeed if they were put into classrooms without the discipline
problems and academic short comings and where parents were involved.
In short we don’t put them in positions
where success is likely and then either they get burned out and leave or we don’t
give them the time to develop into the great teachers they otherwise would be.
I mention above because in a
conversation with the Times Union’s editors he said he may need 5 to 7 years to
get Jacksonville to where it should be and I believe hm. In the past I would often write
how the successor to Ed Pratt-Dannals would need years to dig us out from the hole
he created and where I am also optimistic about Vitti my assesment hasn’t changed. 

Vitti has also done some things that
make me scratch my head and there seems to be a disconnect from his message
that teachers are to be treated as valued colleagues by principals rather than
as easily replaceable cogs but the short is he’s been there for less than a
year and I am not ready to give up on him because like most young teachers don’t, he probably still doesn’t know
what he doesn’t know.  

The thing is he is most likely going to
get the time to learn and improve while many teachers won’t. In a recent
article in the Times Union he said he was considering firing the principals and
half the staffs at schools that don’t turn their schools around. He didn’t make
it sound like they had 5 to 7 years either. One and done was the impression
that the article gave.
Some of you might be thinking well
if I go to work and don’t produce I can be let go at a moment’s notice and I
concede that point but what if your job was building a bike while riding it….
In the rain… while blind folded, or what I like to call teaching, wouldn’t you
hope for some leeway?
Teachers often working with limited
resources and support aren’t always able to overcome the dehibilitating effects
of poverty. They aren’t always able to overcome apathetic or absent parents or
grumbling stomachs because kids are hungry or shaking legs because kids are
scared. They aren’t always able to overcome a system which sets up so many for
failure and sucks the joy of learning out of them with such an emphasis on high
stakes testing.
The powers-that-be might chide them
for this or call them failures and threaten their jobs but I thank them because
I shudder when I think about where these kids, as behind as they are, would be
without them.  

Then think about this who in their right mind would want to go to work at a
school that had just fired half its staff?  Wouldn’t they constantly be
thinking am I next? Who needs that? When the economy turns around nobody will.
get it we want results and we want them now, but since he knows results despite hard work don’t always show up over night I hope the super wouldn’t
ask of teachers what he wouldn’t be willing to give up himself.

2 Replies to “Vitti, give me five to seven years, teachers I will fire you tomorrow if you do not perform”

  1. The school board should start firing Vitti… This man is on an EGO trip. He is completely unwilling to accept the fact that areas of Duval County are a Ghetto.
    The parents care nothing of their childrens future…

  2. Dr Vitti has not spent any time going out and asking for honest answers to questions concerning what is going on in the classrooms and how his changes to staffing have affected schools. He does not want to hear the truth. The sign of a great leader is one who can admit a mistake, correct it and move on. Dr Vitti has surrounded himself with a group that does not have a clue about the negative impact that their STRATEGIC PLANNING has on the district and does not want to have a clue. We need someone to come out and start some dialog with the board about low teacher moral and teachers being asked to give up their planning periods to teach and how there is no security in the large high schools in the lunch rooms. And the dangerous conditions that Vitti has created by stripping the schools of staff. I dare Vitti to come out unescorted to a northside high or Sandalwood high and spend the day in the lunch room un announced in plane clothes. They would chew him up and spit him out. And he wants to fire me for lack of production. Hey , he may just be saving me a trip to the emergency room or the funeral parlor. Please Fire me

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