Vitti gets it right and wrong about walking at graduation

Kids that don’t pass a
high stakes test should be allowed to walk at graduation. The tests are not a
good indicator of what children have learned and what children do and don’t
know. For the district and the state of Florida for that matter to discount
years of work and passing grades for the outcome of a high stakes test is an
However some finishing
seniors should not be allowed to walk. I wrote this a while back.
How many students who walked across the stage
at graduation didn’t
really graduate? I am not talking about the
students who had the grade point average and credits but hadn’t passed
the F-CAT either. I am talking about students whose GPA’s were to low or
didn’t have the credits but were still allowed to walk anyways. My guess
is the number is in the
hundreds every year. Should we stop calling it a graduation ceremony and start
calling it a completion ceremony?

Students who are credit shorts shouldn’t be
allowed to walk and that they have been allowed to is something we should be
talking about. 

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  1. There is a very large population of parents who only care about appearances, not education, not behavior, not responsibility, and they will not stand for having their graduation party squashed with all the aunts and uncles finding out that Junior did not graduate. This will be the end of Vitti.

    You heard it here first. If Vitti does not capitulate on this one, he will be gone by Christmas 2016.

    The bottom quartile will eat him alive. I am reserving front row seats for this one.

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