Vitti and Wright show the Detroit delegation around, and that’s a problem, here is why.

I wonder if I applied for another gig if I could bring in my potential employers to school and show them around, if it would be okay that I took a day off from doing my duties. Hmm would I have to put in a leave form?

The district is knuckling down for testing but there Vitti and Wright are showing people from other districts around, and you know I get it we probably get people every few weeks or so and somebody has to show them around but generally they aren’t here to poach employees, and yes it is true I think the district would be better off if the super took his talents elsewhere but at the same time there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Here however may be the bigger problem. One of the Detroit school board members live streamed a visit to the Grasp academy where he prominently showed kids. Now all of the kids may have signed a press release but why is my guess not? There is the super and Iranetta Wright just standing back as the principal and a Detroit school board member interview a junior high student who by the shuffling of her feet at least appeared uncomfortable.  

I asked the district if this was permissible and rather than answer my question they blasted a comment I left on the live stream.

I wrote: Why are there 8 kids in that algebra I class while I have 12 in my IND, the most profound kids in the district, class? If only one of the super’s kids went to my school.

To which the district instead of answering my questions responded, 
While researching your previous request, I am sending this email to set the record straight in reference to your post about class size and the Superintendent’s children on the Detroit Board Member’s Facebook page. None of Dr. Vitti’s children are enrolled in this class, and their attendance at GRASP has nothing to do with course offerings and class size. As you know, Duval County Public Schools made a commitment to ensure all schools with an 8th grade class offer Algebra 1. The overall 8th grade class at GRASP Academy is small, and an even smaller number of students take Algebra 1 which determines the class size.

To which I replied, 

You know a lot of people feel the superintendent used his position to create this school to serve his families particular needs and believe a disproportionate amount of resources are being used on the school. As someone who teaches at a school with profoundly disabled children in classes that run 12-15-16 deep I am more than a little outraged that an algebra I class even at a school for dyslexic children is considerably smaller.

My snarky comment and the district’s tone deafness aside, we are a district with rules and procedures or we are not and at least for the super it seems like we are not.

Finally I would like to remind you that this seems like a pattern that the “elite” can do what they want when they want too. Last summer Jason Fischer filmed a commercial at a school and the district shrugged and yawned despite the fact that is supposed to be unacceptable.

Welcome to Duval County.

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  1. Hey, how about I get the charter school principal where I have applied come watch me teach in my middle school classroom.

  2. This county is disgraceful! Where's the intellect to discern what's really going on with Viiti and controllable others? Too many know and don't do!

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