Vitti admits he’s not a good leader

From the Times Union

“If you’re looking to blame others … you’re not an effective leader,” he said.

Here are some examples of him blaming others:

Superintendent routinely blames teachers, which by his own words makes him an ineffective leader. Well friends I am willing to take him at face value on this one. 

3 Replies to “Vitti admits he’s not a good leader”

  1. Not much to say but WOW. From his own mouth too. That is all he does is blame others even when they are doing exactly as he told them to do.

  2. Not a good leader? How about the report that came uout that said he can't add either? Specifically, "consequently, these tax levy expenditures totaling over $3 million represent questioned costs." Really. I love how the Times union reports there are 2 areas when in fact there are some serious issues in the report totaling 10 findings. These include misuse of purchasing cards. Now who gets those again?? He also said we didn't need te extra hour because we already had it in the day, remember that? Yet, no one will hold him accountable and he even blames turnover on the fact that they can't find the information requested by the state.

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