Veteran teacher explains how Vitti made things worse

From a reader and a veteran teacher

Historically Teachers in Duval County have been ignored and not treated as the “Professionals” they are or should be. Vitti has taken to a new high! 

Those who are outside the profession that continually criticize and offer solutions have no experience in actual teaching but rely on their experiences there and if it those were good or bad. They when they are criticizing teachers call them professional but when it comes to listening to them they are not considered competent to have any say in how things are done in the Educational process. 

The history of Schools here in Duval County since the early sixties has been one of ups and downs, from becoming discredited to integration to improvement, to the change to Middle Schools and all that involved, to the changing thoughts of school choice and charter schools, not to mention the changes in evaluation and compensation of the Teachers including the loss of tenure. 

At one time the Union fought for the teachers and there was the time of cooperating with the Administration to show good will etc. That’s where things are now and with the anti-teacher attitude of Vitti nothing will change until he is gone. 

He’s received praise for championing the Arts and yet many of the classes are overloaded (loads of 50 to 60 students) and under funded. What kind of support is that? 

He’s pushing so many changes that it’s difficult to keep up with what school is for what. And he’s pretty much undermined the Teacher’s authority with his ideas of discipline. 

I could keep going on but it’s flogging a dead horse, Perhaps it’s time for the Teachers to “take action”.

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  1. Don't know what happened to Terry Brady and DTU. They seemed to go underground when Vitti came. Intimidated?

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