Van Zant’s “I didn’t do it ” video broken down, warning, it’s not pretty

He starts off by saying “My liberal opponent has made up everything he can think of to attack and discredit me.”

I wonder if he realizes that Addison Davis is a republican? Probably not and Addison Davis certainly did not make up the district’s grade drop and the financial downgrade. He has not made up the fact the teachers of Clay county don’t support Van Zant either.

Then he pivot’s to Obama trying to forge a relationship between him and Davis. This reeks of desperation, as he attempts to play to the most partisan of his base.

He then says “liberals will lie to win.” a line he must have snatched from the Trump playbook.

As far as I can tell Addison Davis had nothing to do with Van Zant’s latest controversy where he stands accused of fraud and plagiarism yet Van Zant continues to point to some liberal conspiracy.  Maybe paranoid and delusional should be added to Van Zant’s resume.

I also find it rich that he accused Davis of offering a job to the person who made the cheating accusations against Van Zant as Van Zant has a reputation of hiring cronies and sycophants. Van Zant should have said, Davis may have taken a page out of my play book.

Perhaps the worst and most hypocritical thing he said, was “It’s sad he (Davis) would use somebody to manipulate the race.” 

Sorry I just spit milk on the screen, Van Zant used his supporter to steal the superintendent race in 2012. Does Van Zant think people won’t remember? He straight up used the write in rules to steal the superintendent job which should preclude him from complaining about anything anybody does.

He finishes with a flurry of christian credentials and says its because he is religious that liberals want him out. No sir, nobody cares about your religious preferences, people want you out, liberals and conservatives alike because you have done a terrible job.

Clay County, come on man, you have to do better than this guy.

If you would like to see the disaster of a video, click the link:


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