Van Zant used the ethically challenged Jim Horne to talk about his ethics problems.

From the I can’t make this up file, Charlie Van Zant went to the ethically challenged Jim Horne to talk about his ethics problems in a faux style news piece.

If Jim Horne’s name sounds familiar its because he is a former Florida commissioner of education who has made millions of dollars shilling for the charter industry. Now there is nothing wrong with getting rich but do you know who is not getting rich off education? Teachers, principals, school secretaries, custodians and kitchen staff or those people that are actually in the schools with their sleeves rolled up working with the kids is who.

Jim Horne however using his former position and contacts to push one crappy charter school after another is.

Here is an example

By the way one of Horne’s crappy charter schools opened in Clay last year and not only was in unnecessary but it did poorly as well.

If Horne was the best Van Zant could get to defend his character then he is guilty as sin.

To see the video click the link, you may have to scroll some to find it:

Then to read a pretty good account of the mess, click the link: 

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