Van Zant supporter Johanna McKinnon seeks to protect him form cheating scandal

So this is leadership in Clay County, Johanna McKinnon school board chair throws a press conference to say they aren’t having a meeting to discuss the accusations that Van Zant cheated to get his masters degree, a press conference that several other school board members say they were unaware was taking place. You know, that’s just how McKinnon rolls.

McKinnon also announced that the matter isn’t even worth the school boards time and instead they are going to refer it to somebody who is beholden to Van Zant for their livelihood, you know because that sounds reasonable.

Clay County look what you have become.

Here is the thing, even if you discount all of Van Zant’s past and on going scandals, the numbers just don’t warrant a second term for him.

Van Zant has had a lot of notable low-lights.

In 2012 and this cycle he has sought to disenfranchise much of the electorate in Clay County and he arguably stole the election in 2012.

Teacher morale is rock bottom?

He has shown an open disdain for transgender children.  

He has hired his cronies and sycophants.

He has pressured at will employees into supporting him.

Even though there have been budget problems he supported a new charter school in Clay county, a school whose two grades have been F and D. 

Clay’s financial rating was downgraded under his watch.

Even if all that is okay with you the academic performance that Clay County has dropped considerably under his leadership, in short it has been has been abysmal.

Look at these numbers from the Clay Today.

On July 8, the Florida Department of Education reported that the Clay County School District had dropped from an “A” to a “B” district and its ranking overall had dropped from 11th to 20th. A number of schools dropped in letter grade and the district’s first charter school went from a “D” to an “F.” (Remember, charter schools are funded by public tax dollars.),3080

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