Unpopular opinions, Superintendent Greene addition (draft)

You ever have an unpopular opinion, like ketchup on macaroni and cheese is okay, or the Lord of the Rings movies weren’t that great? Hmm I fear I am sharing a lot, but I think you get where I am going. Another opinion I have which I think will be unpopular is superintendent Greene has not handled the pandemic well.

I want to give her credit. She has been bold and dynamic. Going from nothing to on-line learning in three days while still fighting for the referendum are the very definition of those words. It would be disingenuous for me not to acknowledge that. 

That being said, going from nothing to distance learning in three days, was to big of a lift. Many of the problems we have were easily predictable. Infrastructure, training, resources, we should have spent a minimum of a week if not more putting those things in place. Then where is the direction from the district? Following teachers on-line it seems like 162 different schools and 8,000 different teachers are doing things 162 and 8,000 different ways.

Heart, effort, commitment have not been an issue in DCPS, however that sounds like a song. I have 99 issues and those three aren’t among them.

Then there was her giving hope that graduations would occur on time. A noble and nice sentiment that unfortunately would put people’s lives in dangers. Just recently the district announced graduations may happen in July, another noble and nice sentiment but it too will put people’s lives in danger. I get it and I agree we should have graduations, everybody wants these kids to have the experience, but proposing we do it before we know people will be safe is reckless, postponing them indefinitely is the smart and prudent move to make.

Also why have we finally announced postponing graduations when there is still the very real possibility we may return to school. The governor has proved he will do whatever Trump wants him to do and the president wants the economy reopened which cannot happen if schools are closed. It just can’t. Greene unlike several other supers has been silent on the issue. So graduations are a no, but bringing students and staff back to the petri dishes schools are is potentially okay? What is she waiting for? 

It would be nice if she stood up for the staff and students and said, it’s not going to happen, that risking lives under her watch is irresponsibility and she won’t be a part of it but sadly it’s radio silence from the district.

Then finally other than the elderly no population has been more ravaged by Covid 19 than special needs people, yet the district is going forward with plans for in person summer school. We shouldn’t care that is is supposed to happen in July because most experts say the virus will still be going on then. Why would we risk lives, for 14 days of extra instruction? I think they should cancel ESY outright but if not why not announce it will be virtual, giving families and teachers the opportunity to plan. Is virtual education ideal for many of our ESE students? Absolutely not, but getting sick or worse is far worse.

I don’t want to just knock Greene, she has a tough and important job, she is the leader of the district, and has done some great things like getting the referendum through unfortunately to me she has been doing a lot more following than leading, to me the rush to be seen doing something or anything has been greater than doing what is right.

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