UNFs disappointing blame the teacher agenda

I am just going to get right to it.
First no response to Jeb Bush’s desire to blow up teacher’s
colleges. You would think a, hey we respectfully disagree, would come from the
college that has supplied many of the state’s teachers.
Next, their round table with the JPEF to discuss teacher
evaluations, first JPEF is a proponent of TFA, which has a business model the
exact opposite of what we know to be best practices and hey ignore poverty
Finally they recognized Gary Chartand as a pillar in the
community. Other than being incredibly disdainful towards teachers and their
representatives, being a proponent of large class sizes and believing in race
based goals I’m not really sure what good he has done for the community. I
guess being rich and a republican in Florida practically guarantees you an

I am a graduate of UNF and up till now I was a proud UNF

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  1. Garbage I spew? Let me invite you not to come back and yes I did read the LTTE, I was hoping for a response from someone a little higher up the chain. Now don't you have a hole to bury your head in somewhere or poverty to ignore?

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