Um what does DCPS plan to do by the weekend?

Let me explain why I am not optimistic that switching 9000 teachers and 120 thousand kids to distance learning over the weekend is going to work.
The district switched to a new IEP program which has been a disaster. It is glitchy, unwieldy and confusing and I say this after a few rounds of training and after using it for months. Now you might be thinking, Chris your brightness and tech savvyness aren’t top notch. Sure. I am not going to fight you on that one, though I will point out everyone I know has similar complaints.
Then this happened, after using it for months, the district said, hey sorry about this but every IEP you wrote before November you are going to have to redo completely if you want the kid to go to ESY (al our center school kids go to ESY), oopsie, except they left out the sorry part.
As easy as I would say, puppies are cute and the sky is blue, the district said, hey we’re going to double your work, get to it.
Friends in good times, with lots of prep and lots of lead time, the district has a hard time rolling things out. These are not good times.
A couple things, this is not a dig at district staff, they are hard working and in my estimation have been put in an impossible situation.
I am not trying to be lazy, or negative, I just think slowing things down is the right thing to do. Taking the next few weeks to get all our ducks in a row and implementing it the 15th if we are still out is a better plan.
This is just me venting, I hope I am wrong. I hope people go that Guerrieri guy, he’s a moron who doesn’t know what he is talking about. I would like to have egg on my face over this.
Finally I want to close with this, a friend on Twitter said, Our main priority should be to “flatten the curve.” After that, create a safety net for our children and communities. Academics is way down the list. That’s what I believe.
Okay gang, stay safe and see you at the training, well not really because I will be doing it from my couch, but you get it.

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