Ultimately it is president Obama who is responsible for Pearson’s testing fail

A little background. Pearson who is paid millions to be responsible for the FCAT experienced massive computer failures today.

From Bonnie Margola, via Facebook

 Quote: “One thing I never want to see happen is schools that are just teaching the test because then you’re not learning about the world, you’re not learning about different cultures, you’re not learning about science, you’re not learning about math,” the president said. “All you’re learning about is how to fill out a little bubble on an exam and little tricks that you need to do in order to take a test and that’s not going to make education interesting.”

“And young people do well in stuff that they’re interested in,” Obama said. “They’re not going to do as well if it’s boring.”
The president endorsed the occasional administering of standardized tests to determine a “baseline” of student ability. He said his daughters Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12, recently took a standardized test that didn’t require advance preparation. Instead, he said, it was just used as a tool to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses. The girls attend the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington.”

At the end of the day President Obama doesn’t want your kids to have the same education his kids are getting. And all he does is play lip service to the needs of our kids and our schools. 

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