TU reporter Topher Sanders complains about blogs he never even read

TU reporter Topher Sanders complains about blogs he didn’t even read

I asked Topher Sanders if he had my blog kicked off the Times Unions blog feed. He said he did report the titles of two blogs he felt were controversial to the higher ups at the Times Union, the titles are:

Is Gary Chartrand Homophobic and White men praise Rick Scott for inviting so many white men to summit.

The first is a piece about some controversial remarks that state board of ed chair Gary Chartrand said and the second was about how one state senator thought there were too many white men invited to a recent education summit, while two others thought the mix of invitees was just right.

I then asked Topher Sanders if he read the blogs and he said, no. I just saw the titles. He didn’t even take the time to read them to see if what I wrote was controversial, libelous or just plain wrong. Nope didn’t bother. The blogs were short too. It would have taken him less than two minutes each to read them but he could not be bothered.

I have to say, I didn’t think my opinion f the TU’s writing staff could get much lower but I really stand corrected now.

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