Troubling details about Jax’s new Classical Charter School

First let me say in my opinion the Times Union should be a little ashamed of their Classical Charter school editorial, it read like a paid advertisement and I think instead of basking in the glow of ambassador Rood we started to ask tough questions.

If you wanted to contact the classical charter school, the link takes you to the Optima Foundation
The Optima Foundation is led by Erika Donalds
Erika Donalds has rather interesting views on banning books and troubling views on LGBTQ individuals
Then her and her husband, State Rep Byron Donalds, who often votes on pro charter legislation spent all weekend on Twitter complaining about the backlash the states voucher provider has gotten after it was revealed it allows discrimination against LGBTQ children
That’s a lot but there is more, Hilsdale College who provides the curriculum, recently put out a poll espousing the dangers of socialism. 
Could you imagine if a public school did a survey about the dangers of conservatism? Well that’s the equivalent of what Hillsdale college, the people behind the new classical charter school have done. This is outrageous. 
Here is a little more about Hillsdale
Um, I have questions about what they are going to teach and who are they going to take or exclude..
Finally and it’s been a minute, but a while back I got a tip about a sweetheart deal for the property which included the city cleaning it up because it was contaminated.
Shouldn’t we ask the questions? Give people all the facts? Once again I would check the bank account of whoever wrote that Editorial, because none of above was mentioned and it’s all relevant.

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