Trey Czar and his high flyers or news flash if you want to be rich you shouldn’t be a teacher

There is something that people in the business world just
can’t understand. They can’t get their heads around the fact that some people
make decisions not based on money.
Trey Czar the six-figured leader of the
Jacksonville public Education fund is obviously one of those individuals. In
the Folio he said, Teaching is generally a very steady
career, Csar explained, and much of the pay, in the form of retirement benefits,
is going to come on the back-end of a teacher’s career.
if you’re a real high-flyer,” he added, “it doesn’t offer a growth
news flash, if you want to be monetarily rich, you shouldn’t be a teacher.
Teachers have to derive their wealth from other sources. The knowledge that a
child learned something new or that they touched and positively impacted lives
are where teachers find their wealth.
don’t envy bankers or the super rich, well maybe the Thursday before payday
when I am eating ramen noodles but other than that not at all. When I talk
about education needs and don’t think for a second there aren’t plenty it may
take me a while before I get to teacher’s salaries not that I don’t think
teachers are underpaid. To give you some scale as a 12th year
teacher I would have to receive a 14k raise to be meet the nations average but
at the same time I wouldn’t take that salary to go work in an office.

Trey Czar obviously doesn’t
get it. We don’t need to make things easier for the high flyers, those people
like Trey who want to be involved in education but who don’t really want to
work with kids, no we need to make things better for the rank and file teacher. 

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