Trey Csar of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund just doesn’t get it

First let me say I have met Mr. Csar and I find him a genuine and committed advocate for our schools, though I do wish he saw the value of teachers more, but I have to tell you in this instance when he spoke about our graduation rate improving it became obvious that he just he just doesn’t get it. This is what he said in the Times Union:

Trey Csar, president of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, said the district’s gains are laudable.

“The district’s progress, particularly in improving its graduation rate more than 11 percentage points in the past five years, is commendable,” he said.

No friends the district has not been laudable or commendable and the reason is we didn’t do things the right way.

Instead of treating the problem with policies and programs that promote growth we did the opposite. We made teachers pass kids whether they deserved the grade or not and we perverted grade recovery and gave kids multiple bites at the apple whether they deserved it or not, destroying student accountability along the way.

We used smoke and mirrors and built our house on sand and I find neither laudable nor commendable. Friends, unless we commit to doing things the right way, supporting our teachers and having rigorous classes, more after school and summer school opportunities, more social workers and counselors because why kids do poorly in school often has nothing to do with school, as well as developing multiple curriculums that pay to more students strengths and desires then all we are doing is cajoling teachers and destroying student accountability for a few phantom points.

How do we want to do things? The right way where change is valid and kids graduate prepared to be productive citizens or the wrong way where all we do is pump them through and dump them out.

Mr. Csar I would prefer we did things the right way.


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  1. Trey Csar is an inexperienced kid who has no basis for making any meaningful observations. He is just like Vitti – another Chartrand choice where we trump promise over experience. He hasn't even done a decent job growing the Foundation. He is a nod header and brings nothing to the table.

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