Trey Csar and Superintendet Vitti call Gary Chartrand out.

You know its bad when two men who owe their jobs to him cal him out for his disastrous testing policies.

From the Times Union: Duval Superintendent
Nikolai Vitti said it seemed designed to make schools and districts look bad
and state leaders look tough. “No student, teacher, principal or school
deserves to be labeled as failing based on this flawed process,” he told
teachers. “State officials are manufacturing and ensuring lower performances in
the name of ‘greater accountability and higher standards.’ But to what end? …
Florida’s system has … been ruined by political and ideological ambition and

Meanwhile, parents
should pay attention to the percentile ranking of their students on the
reports, said Csar, of the public education fund.
Percentile data makes
it easier to rank students along with their peers. Students with 88 percentile
scored higher than 87 percent of the students in their grade.
Even if a child’s
percentile is substantially below 50, parents shouldn’t panic, Csar said. They
should contact their child’s teachers and look at schoolwork and homework.

“It’s just one window
from one test,” he said. “It has the potential to be helpful.”
Admittedly Vitti’s words were a lot stronger than Csars but there can be no doubt that one of the people that they are talking about is state board member Gary Chartrand who brought them both to the city.
Now we have to just hope that Gary Chartrand which has called for raisin the cut scores and going ahead with school grades listens, sadly though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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