Top 10 reasons Clay County teachers are low performing

From Facebook, by Tracy Gordon Butler

Top 10 “are you kidding me” statements teachers were told by Clay County administrators during evaluations this year. (These were ALL conveyed to me no fabrications on my part)

*scale of 0-3. 3 being highly effective; 2 effective; 1 needs improvement; 0 unsatisfactory.

10.~~A 3 is reserved for those who do these things consistently (observations are 30 mins 1 time a year)
9.~~ Not everyone can be highly effective; how will we ever afford performance pay.
8.~~ You dropped 32 points from last year because it is a new instrument (note-the front page changed not the indicators)
7.~~to receive a 3 in communication you would need to meet with parents on their time …like Saturdays.
6.~~ you received a zero in professional development b/c we never received your IPDP (submitted electronically the first few weeks of school. They had tech problems and were asked to resubmit. She was never told hers wasn’t received until now!)
5.~~ you are getting a 2 on communication because the DAILY parent communication journal you send home with each student EVERY DAY could get lost.
4.~~ we (admin) don’t really know what a 3 in ethics looks like so we are only giving 2s
3.~~your observation was great. All your students are making great gains but because you had a rough year due to the death of your mother you are only receiving effective
2.~~ Only 10% of teachers can get highly effective
AND THE NUMBER 1 “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” Statements made by Clay County Administrators……..
Because you have a family it will be difficult for you to receive highly effective.

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  1. I can honestly say that my evaluation will be riddled with 'Needs Improvement' because the CAST system was designed to use 45 minutes in my classroom to punish me for not being perfect and on point based on the narrowly-defined standards of what a highly effective teacher looks like. According to CAST, I do not care about my students or their learning. SAD.

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