Too much money sent to Charter Schools does not make it to the classroom.

Charter schools are complaining they don’t have enough money, well friends they will never have enough money as long as they are paying hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to far away management boards as many charter schools do or paying their operators hundreds of thousands of dollars or if they are funding lobbyists who are lined up to get more money from the public.

I have an idea, instead of forcing public schools to share their limited resources, instead of demanding that the public give their assets to for profit companies and instead of spending the money the state gives them to lobby for more money from the state, Florida should limit how charter schools money spend their money first.

The state should set pay scales for administrators and staff at charter schools that are comparable to the districts they are in and then insist 98% of any public money given goes into the school.

To many charter schools are opened not to help kids but to help their operator’s bank account instead.

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