Tommy Hazzouri talks about leadership. Come on man!

There is a segment on ESPN’s NFL show called, come on man. The hosts use it as a catch phrase when they see something that flies in the face of logic. I couldn’t help but think that same expression when I read about Tommy Hazouri becoming upset at a local non-profit when they suggested they could become a leader in Jacksonville’s education policy.

His exact quote (according to the Times Union) was, the leadership is the superintendent, and the board supports the superintendent.

Let’s talk about this leadership.

They have given away control of seven schools and did so just days before the school year was to begin.

Teacher’s morale is incredibly low.

Last year’s unnecessary financial urgency which saw the district give more to DTU than they originally asked for so the whole thing would go away.

The district rifted nearly a hundred local teachers and then contracted with an agency to bring in nearly a hundred inexperienced teachers from other parts of the country.

They voted to allow KIPP to expand by two schools despite the fact the first one was a first year failure.

I could go on and on but hopefully you get the picture. Yes we have leadership but ask yourselves, do we have anything approaching good leadership? The whole city should be asking that question and when entities step up to fill the void like the JPEF did they should not be excoriated for wanting to do so.

Mr. Hazzouri, come on man…

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