Tommy Hazouri’s usefulness is about to come to an end (draft)

Tommy Hazouri should know better? Sadly a desire to be city council president, something I can’t see happening has trumped this man’s decency.

He knows the schools have tremendous needs and he knows the school board does not work for the city council but to his shame he went along with city hall’s attempt to takeover the city’s schools. 

To make matters even worse, he is tone deaf as well.

From the Times Union,

City Council member Tommy Hazouri said that at some point the council needs to vote on the School Board’s request for a referendum.
“It looks bad for us,” Hazouri said. “It looks bad for them. It looks bad for the community. I know we want to do it right, but at what point will it be right for us? Will we ever get all the answers for all 19 council members?”

He is absolutely right, what has happened looks really bad for the city council. Fighting against schools and children on behalf of a handful of donors was bound to do that.

What’s happening however hasn’t made the school board look bad. If anything it has garnered them a lot of sympathy as everyone roots for the little guy fighting city hall.

He is right again, when he says this looks bad for the community. Having a city hall fight against its own schools is probably going to leave a bad taste in the mouth of any potential businesses and people looking to relocate. This has without a doubt given the city a black eye and needlessly as well.

As for the city council members getting all their answers, that’s laughable because there is only one question that this has been about, and that is who will control the school boards real estate and budget. The duly elected school board or the mayor and city council’s donors. 

Tommy in Lenny Curry’s world you are useful until you are not and I have a feeling your usefulness is about to come to an end.

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  1. And Hazouri was a school board member for many years. Now he is switching sides. It makes him look like a slimy politician who will be on the side of whomever can do the most for him, not the students or the city.

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