Tommy Hazouri, it is time to do the right thing

Mr. Hazouri is a big fan of the blog so I am sure he will be reading this. Sir we need you to stand up and say enough is enough, to put your ego on the back burner and do what is right for the city and refuse to participate in the superintendent picking process.

Come on sir, you have already helped pick two and neither turned out that great and we can see it in your eyes when you talk about saddling the next super with a new lawyer, chief of schools and a cabinet not worth their salt. You know it’s not right to handcuff the next guy so you must also know it is not right to handcuff the next board too.

Just announce going forward that you won’t be part of the process, that the next board since they will be the ones working with the next super should pick whoever that is. Who knows if you do this you might find other members willing to do the same.

Regardless wouldn’t you like to go into retirement knowing that you did the right thing?

Come on man.

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