Tommy Hazouri gets one right; the rest of the old school board got it wrong

Last summer when approving the old supers cabinet, Hazouri
said we should only give them six-month contracts so the new super could bring
in his own people. The old school board disagreed and rubber stamped all of
Pratt-Dannals appointments despite often saying one of the biggest problems we
have in the district is poor middle management leadership. They gave
Pratt-Dannals a pass on everything.

Well fast-forward six months and Superintendent Vitti
reports in the Times Union, …he hasn’t been able to do the streamlining he
wants because of employee contracts. Those contracts are up in June, and Vitti
said the size of the district-level offices will be smaller, streamlined and
money previously used at the district level will shift to the school level.

Give the old politician his due, he got
this one right and current board members, Couch, Lee and Wright got it wrong.


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