Tommy Hazouri encourages the school board to give into extortion

Hazouri said that charter schools were the 800 pound gorilla in the room. That how much funding they received was the sticking point and then he asked the superintendent if their was some wiggle room, the implication was clear, if you gave a bigger chunk or went with a per student ration, this could all be over.

More like 250 million dollar gorilla as that is what the civic council wants charters to receive.

It was casual, his suggestion. He said it like you might haggle with somebody at a flea market but here instead of junk you don’t need the future of the district and the fates of the city’s school and children hung in the balance.

We all know this is about more money for charters, well make that more money for the mayor’s donor’s charters.

It’s irrelevant that charters and much too much for my taste have already been included in the plan, five dollars per square foot for security off the top and then based on needs, but that’s not good enough. They want a proportional cut which is ridiculous but more on that later.

Remember when we had politicians we could be proud of, that we could believe in, that demanded we do things the right way? Well friends they are now far and few between and we have people like Hazouri and as bad as his suggestion was, he was for from the worse who not only shrug their shoulders at extortion but encourage it as if we were a third world country and it was business as usual.

Greene: “the proposal I put fwd is based on fairness.”
Hazouri: “In a good debate, we come back to the things we care about the most … we need to know if you’re willing to make other concessions for charters. I’m not advocating but I think you’re bringing the same thing back”


  1. the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

    “he used bribery and extortion to build himself a huge, art-stuffed mansion”

    synonyms: demanding money with menaces, exactionextractionblackmail;

    “he was arrested on a charge of extortion”

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