Today alone Public ED took about 415 millions in cuts while vouchers were expanded by 42 million dollars

If you aren’t angry you aren’t paying attention. If you aren’t scared you aren’t paying attention and if you don’t want to do something about what happened today you aren’t paying attention. Today public education took a red wedding type beating while the state expanded vouchers by 42 million dollars. Let that sink in.

Um great news unless you are a disabled kid who goes to a public school I guess, which today took about a 415 million dollar hit.

Include the extra pension costs, and public ed took a beating like never before just when it will need more resources than ever.

There were something like 16 pages of cuts to education and education related service. You know for reasons

Friends, what more proof do we need that the goal of Tallahassee is to destroy public education. Before DeSantis they were doing death by a thousand cuts, now they are taking a sledge hammer to it. 

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