Throwing money at the probem.

I saw an Internet meme, which asked the question, why is
giving more money to public schools “throwing money” at the problem, but giving
more money to charter schools and private schools “investing” in the future.
There are undoubtedly problems in public education but most
of them have been created by starving schools of resources, attacking and
marginalizing our teachers and by ignoring poverty. Getting rid of work
protections for teachers and doubling down on the expensive and untested Common
Core is not going to fix poverty my friends. Florida has in effect handicapped
our public schools, ignored societies problems and then blamed our schools and
teachers for not being able to fix those problems.

The solution should not be to outsource our children’s education
to institutions that care more about the bottom line, charter schools or that
resist accountability, private schools that take vouchers. The solution should
be to address and fix our problems, many of which were created by individuals
and politicians who now seek to privatize our schools and profit off our

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