Three stories that highlight the unraveling of the corporate reform movement (rough draft)

First there is the charter school study out of Ohio, which
shows they are an unmitigated disaster.

Charter schools are the centerpiece of the corporate reform/privatization
movement. Their disastrous performance in Ohio proves choice simply for choices
sake is the wrong choice. Charter schools do have a role to play and there are
some high performing ones, but they should be a supplement to education, not a
profit driven replacement to our public schools. 
The second story is the Florida Senates complete neutering
the Parent Trigger bill by giving local school boards final say over turn
around options.
This is effect gives parents the power they already have and
that’s to petition their school boards and give them ideas, something they have
been able to do forever. Furthermore it exposes the hypocrisy of Florida
education commissioner Tony Bennett and the department of education. Why are
local school boards allowed to have final say over this but not on the creation
of charter schools?  Then it gives Jeb
Bush another black eye as more and more people push back against his reforms and
it still has to pass, which looks likely but is not a done deal yet.
Finally there is the revelation that Michelle Rhee knew
about potential cheating in Washington D.C. and did nothing.
Michelle Rhee is the darling of the corporate reform/blame
the teacher movement. Now that there is evidence that proves her reforms don’t
work and create even worse problems, as well as the fact they backed a
charlatan devoid of genuine care of children and who only has a desire for
self-promotion, they won’t be sleeping as well

People are beginning to wake up. I just hope more do
before more harm is done to our nation’s teachers, children and schools.  

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