Things have really changed for Florida’s teachers

As the school year comes to an end
a lot of teachers have a decision they need to make and it’s not where they
will go on summer vacation. As the economy slowly turns around and more and
more teachers have options, they have to decide if they will return to the

When I became a teacher over a
decade ago, teachers were guaranteed step advancements, cost of living
increases, raises, class size limits and
if they did their job well, job security. There wasn’t a 3% contribution to the FRS, or punitive
VAM evaluations, and testing was
something we did for a week towards the end of the year, not the end all be all
of education that it has become. Things have really changed, well except for Florida’s
teachers being some of the poorest paid in the nation that has been pretty

Perhaps the biggest change however
is how Florida views its teachers. They used to be respected and sometimes
revered members of the community. Now more often than not they are ridiculed
for being members of a union, which as you can see from above isn’t the bogey
man ramming demands through and blamed for not being able to single handily overcome
the debilitating effects of poverty. Teachers have become the scapegoats of
politicians and business interests who are seeking to privatize and profit off
of education and a community that has allowed it to happen.

If people truly care about education
and want to see it improve, then they have to stop letting Tallahassee injure the teaching
profession, we can’t marginalize, blame, and run teachers out to improvement.

Above is based upon a face book rift that several teachers are doing.

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  1. Things will not change in FL. FL is VERY corrupt. They are bought and paid politicians. The citizens vote against their own interests. GOP.

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