Things get worse for Tony Bennett and those who supported him.

I want you all to remember Rick Scott, Jeb Bush and Gary
Chartrand stood up for Bennett. They talked about his high character and about
the good job he did. I guess they haven’t noticed the chaos that happened to
Florida’s accountability system under his watch and that he did such a good job
in Indiana one of the reddest of red states, they elected a democrat union
member to replace him.
As for his character, which has been under question since
the revelations that he took campaign contributions from a charter school
operator whose grade he had changed and for throwing business to his wife’s
future employer things might about to get worse.
This is what the Associated Press is reporting: Former Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett kept multiple
campaign databases on Department of Education servers and ordered his staff to
dissect a speech by his Democratic opponent for inaccuracies last fall in
apparent violations of Indiana election and ethics laws, documents obtained by
The Associated Press show.
Violating the official duties
law, known as the “ghost employment” statute, can be a felony
punishable by up to three years in prison.
Ironically public pension hater Rick Hess and Redefined Ed,
Jeb Bush’s blog came out just yesterday and said an investigation had
exonerated him of all wrong doing.
This despite, John Grew and William Sheldrake, the authors of the report said
Friday that the report does not “exonerate” or “vindicate” Bennett, nor condemn
him. They said it only explains how his team changed the grading formula.

I wonder how his supporters will try and spin the
fact he may be a felon and I hope people remember those who supported him too!

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  1. …until he (hopefully) does the perp walk and then they'll all disavow him completely, and "we were all fooled by a pathological liar." Poor sod. Can't wait.

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