Things from the Duval County School Board that make you go hmmm

When Superintendent Vitti recently eliminated several
superfluous tests from the long litany that our kids are forced to take, Fel
Lee our school board chair said:

Board members are familiar with testing concerns, said board Chairman Fel Lee.
He said it’s a common thing for board members to hear about.
board members, we hear in the community from students, we hear it from
teachers, we hear it from parents,” Lee said.
if they have heard about so much then why haven’t they done anything about it?
Why did it take the new super to go, you know maybe we have gone overboard on
this testing thing.
I know I am just a lowly teacher and all but I have mentioned it hundreds of times on the Blog and in various publications.

I like Chairman Lee but this really makes me go hmmm…


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  1. I will go hmmm too. I ponder the line "just a lowly teacher" Doesn't having a degree in a field make one an expert in that field? Education is the only field that I know of where amatures tell professionls what to do. Hmmmm. thanks. Patrick Fleming-Kennewick Washington

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