There have been Multiple students murdered under Brennan’s watch as principal.

First people should realize I am not a
reporter. I am not going through garbage cans or trailing people or whatever it
is that good reporters do. If it’s not dropped in my lap or I can’t find it on
google then there isn’t much I can do.

What’s very sad is the media here seems to opperate the same way. They regurgitate not report information and I believe that
has partially led us to where we are at which is nowhere close to where we
should be.

With that being said I will just get to

Earlier in the week I wrote about a brief
conversation I had with the mother of Johnell Johnson the murdered First Coast
teen. She said she had gone to Brennan for help but he had dismissed her. I don’t
want to speak for her but I don’t think it is a stretch to say she believes
this played a role in her son’s tragic death.

Either way this isn’t the first murder of
a student that has happened when Al Brenna was a principal.
From Columbine Angels
After tonight’s football
game between Northwestern and Booker T. Washington high schools, gunfire rang
out in the parking lot of Traz-Powell Stadium.  17-year-old James Lewis, a
senior at Northwestern, was with a group of males when the shooting
started.  They all scattered and he fell to the ground.  James died
from his gunshot wounds.  Northwestern had won the football game.  By
Wednesday, Jerod Antwon Rennie, 19, was in police custody and confessed to
killing James.  Jerod told police he and James had been involved in an
altercation earlier in the day.  Tonight, when the two met up, Jerod said
James made a sudden move and he fired his gun in self-defense.
If the altercation happened at school or
was part of an ongoing beef like what happened with Johnell Johnson now we either
have a crazy coincidence or a pattern.

Brennan left Northwestern shortly thereafter
just a few months after the school year began.

Northwestern High School already in the bulls eye for four years of

academic performance and reeling from a football game murder to

open the
school year, faces more upheaval. Dr. Alvin Brennan named

to Dr. Steve Gallon, III, “left on his own volition” according to

Garcia, Chief Communications Officer for Miami-Dade County Public

Brennan was only at Northwestern through the opening weeks of the

year and has been replaced by two co-principals: 

New Principals don’t typically leave a few
months in and the words left on his own volition begs the follow up question
was he forced out and if so why. Often its code for hey you better go on your own or we will show you the door.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons he may
have left that have nothing to do with the murder but you have to agree the
timing is suspicious.

Sadly the murder of young people in our
schools isn’t as rare as we would all like but most principals go a career
without it happening to one of their students, it’s happened under Brennan’s
watch twice and I think there are some legitimate questions that need to be
asked and answered.

It may be nothing but Brennan has put himself in the position where the city needs to definitively know.

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