There has hardly been churn of superintendents in Duval County

This is a great comment in the Times Union

From J Taverna

In the past 27 years Duval has had 5 Superintendents and is hardly an example of Superintendent churn in an urban setting as the tone of this article suggests. The article also suggests that the Board has been difficult making it hard on Vitti when in fact the Board actually did nothing for three years allowing the Superintendent to do whatever he pleased. Mediation may work but here are several items that speak to the difficulty:

1. This paper and Vitti’s supporters continue to ignore the serious concerns that have been raised all along and beat a drum claiming major accomplishments – performing below the state average in just about every category is not an accomplishment so stop making the claim that he has made major accomplishments while suggesting that his predecessors were all lame.

2. Something is amiss in the culture when you have to make over 120 changes in principal assignments in a two year period and you have the third highest chronic teacher absenteeism among the 40 largest districts in the nation. There is no openness to discuss issues such these because this administration controls all thought to weave false scenarios. This alone is going to make it very difficult for those who differ with Vitti’s view to find accommodation with him when up until now he has shut them down in very demeaning ways.

3. It is a reasonable expectation that someone hired to be the CEO of the District should possess emotional stability regardless of whether or not Board members are emotionally balanced. He clearly lacks the emotional stability it takes to lead and that is very difficult to mediate.

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  1. All this & he still can't figure out recess is a good idea for students?

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