The unconscionable Michelle Rhee visits Tallahassee

Michelle Rhee dropped by Tallahassee, one of the last places she is welcome, yesterday. She came to campaign for her corporate/blame the teacher reforms at which in the center is the parent trigger. You know the bill no parents in Florida want.

Anti-public education legislatures work en masse in Tallahassee so it’s no surprise that they would bring Rhee in to cheerlead their efforts but what is surprising is what she said. When asked about people who don’t support the parent trigger she said that was “an unconscionable position to take.”

Wow! Unconscionable!

That means she thinks all those parent and civil rights groups, not to mention the states teachers who are against the parent trigger are without conscious. I am not an expert or anything but I don’t think it is the best strategy to insult the people, parents, you are at least pretending to support.

I guess that also means taping children’s mouths shut, firing hundreds of teachers for not being able to completely overcome poverty, ruining some of their lives and disregarding their years of service and dedication, encouraging and or covering up cheating, closing schools and gutting neighborhoods, wasting millions of public dollars, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars under false pretenses, demeaning and demonizing the education profession, and spreading falsehoods and hyperbole you know everything she has done over the last few years is okay, maybe even lauded in her book.

No Mrs. Rhee the only thing unconscionable in Tallahassee yesterday was your presence; that and some legislators actually listen to the vile you spew.

Your 15 minutes is about to be up and the nation will be better for it.

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