The true aim of Florida’s school choice agenda.

If you haven’t been paying attention you might not
know that the Florida legislature is about to require counties to educate children
whose families not only don’t pay taxes in them but don’t live in them either. Representative
Manny Diaz, R-Hialeah, employed some pretty irresponsible rhetoric when trying
to sell the bill.
“There should be no
hesitation in allowing a student who has not been provided the right
opportunity in whatever arbitrary, designated county they live in to be able to
cross that line and get a better opportunity. I will tell you that if that
school district and that school that that student is supposed to be zoned for
is doing their job and providing them the best opportunity, the parent’s not
going to be looking for another one.
This begs the question,
if next will the legislature require fire, health and police departments to
serve people in other counties who might prefer them too? County lines really aren’t
arbitrary, they say the people in them will take responsibility for what happens.
Now some do a better job than others but should we be burdening them or letting
the other counties off the hook? Diaz obviously thinks we should.
Then there are literally
dozens of arbitrary reasons a parent might want to move their kids to a
different school that don’t have to do with academics. If a parent doesn’t want
their child around minorities, poor children or thinks the sports department
might be better at a different school now Diaz is empowering them to move.
Also what poor or
middle class family can afford to drive their student across the county line
day after day? The answer is none which means this will further segregate our
schools draining precious resources from the schools that can afford to lose
them the least.
This will further
segregate our schools into have and have nots.
What gets me the most
is Diaz is saying schools are failing when they are not. Schools have been
saddled with poor leadership from Tallahassee that serves special interests
like charter schools (who Diaz works for in his day job), vouchers, and Jeb
Bush’s political aims rather than the states parents, teachers and students.  How many schools and districts that have been chronically
underfunded and burdened with poor standards (common core) does Diaz think are
not doing their job? My bet it is exclusively the ones in the poor
neighborhoods who don’t do well on standardized tests because to the republicans
in Tallahassee that not addressing the problems that come with poverty is all
that matters.
Public education is
supposed to be like a rope. Lots of strands twisted together makes it strong.
When the strands are frayed away the rope weakens and weakens until it breaks
and that, the breaking of public education, not helping children is the true
aim of Diaz and the school choice agenda.

6 Replies to “The true aim of Florida’s school choice agenda.”

  1. So Duval parents no longer have to live in St. Johns. Duval schools will be empty. St. Johns better start building more schools and fast.

    1. I work at a High School there and the children are so very mannerly and respectful. I ran away from the DISEASED DUVAL SCHOOL DISTRICT. Hopefully, the disease (indiscipline) does not migrate to ST Johns County to drive those very good schools into the cesspool. St Johns County has a lot of top lawyers whose children attend the public schools there. I hope those parents in St Johns County are taking note.

  2. I think it's great ! Diaz is only following the same protocol we use for all of our countries borders….that being " cross the border, do what you want, take what you like, stay a while, we'll pay for it".

    Stupidity knows no bounds!

  3. Ha, ha, ha, Anonymous, St. Johns can kiss its A rating goodbye if Duval kids can crossover. Moving a problem does not solve it.

    1. Yes Gregory Sampson, imagine moving JEB Stuart kids over to a St johns Middle School! By the way, the teacher's desk is placed in front or to one side of the class for the teacher's use, not at the rear of the class for some bonehead AP to sit and observe the teacher and make idiotic comments. I was dumb-struck by their policies. By the way, in Duval County too many Administrators do not know how to find the LCM of 3 numbers but they sit and observe math teachers and offer erroneous comments and suggest how the math teacher may improve his teaching skills. I bet they do better in UGANDA or the KONGO,… Ha, ha, ha…

    2. It is a way to help charters fill slots. Charters near county lines can poach students from the next county. We have one like that now. The students are white. The black students in the area are bussed to the public school.

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