The tone deafness of the Florida Legislature, once again thumbing their nose at the public.

Oy vey, a bill allowing guns on college campuses is fast tracked to becoming a law. This despite the colleges, the professors, the admins, the students who attend and the parents whose children go to them have overwhelmingly said no thank you. 

From the Times Union: So many people signed up to speak during public comment Monday — most of them opposed to the bill — that there was not enough time for everyone to be heard. Several students who attended the meeting complained afterward that they had been silenced.

Just as the public comment period was ending, Margie Sanfilippo broke rules of decorum and addressed Evers from her seat in the crowded room. She had taken the day off from work and drove five hours to speak, she said, and asked that he give her time at the podium.
Sanfilippo, a psychology professor at private Eckerd College, spoke about her research on gun violence and said the legislation was misguided because campus shootings are rare.
“Althought one situation is one too many, there is no evidence that allowing concealed carry on campus would prevent it,” she said. “It is mere speculation and ignorance of statistical probability to assert that armed students are the reason why shootings don’t happen on campuses.”

Sadly we kind of have ourselves to blame for this. the far right ideologues know it doesn’t take much to get elected in a non-presidential year because so many people stay home. They only have to get a few of the people who vote in those elections to support them  to win and that’s how get those policies don’t reflect the will of the people.

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