The Times Union’s self-serving excuse for bad behavior.

The Times Union has tried to justify their release of VAM
data by saying the public needed to see the scores so they could make a
judgment for themselves. But you know there were better ways of informing the
public than dragging the states 125 thousand teachers over the coals. They
could have talked to mathematicians and education policy experts to see what
they had to say. The Times Union could have also looked at other places where
VAM scores were used. And if they had done either of those things they would
have learned very quickly that the use of VAM data was going to be a disaster.
I also wonder how many subscriptions the Times Union sold
the week they put the VAM data on their website. My bet since the department of
education didn’t put the scores up on their site and a quick check of a dozen
major newspapers from around the state show they didn’t either is more than a
few and this makes their half hearted attempt to justify their behavior all the
more disingenuous.

So the Times Union can try and justify its destructive
behavior all it wants but at the end of the day the information was available
without harming teachers. The information you can only see if you give the TU
its thirty pieces of silver. 

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  1. I think it is ridiculous and unnecessary for the Times-Union to have posted the VAM scores. I happen to know for a fact that many of these scores were inaccurate and falsely represent the teachers to which they were attached. What a shame. I am through with the Times-Union.

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