The Times Union’s one sided education coverage

In the last four days the Tmes Union has published three column length editorials from Micheal Ward, the president of CSX, Danial Davis of the Chamber of Commerce and today reverend Torin Daily of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund which all have basically said our super walks on water our board is great and we are finally heading in the right direction.

I would like to point out that none of these editorials came from a parent or a teacher.

The truth is the super has done some nice things, made his fair share of head scratches too and been pretty mediocre over all. Then every time he takes or others give him credit for things that were improving before he got here (graduation rates/college readiness) I and others shake our heads in disbelief. The truth is we’re a long way from wear we should be or could be.  

Before you just dismiss me, I want you to remember the pieces the Times Union used to print about Pratt-Dannals which would say, we finally have the super and board that we need.

Painting this all is well narrative does our schools and city a disservice.

The Times Union’s job should not be to shill for the super and district it should be to keep us all informed.

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