The Times Union’s lover affair with Vitti begins in 3,2…

Mike Clark, one of the Times Union editors wrote: Nikolai Vitti acknowledges that he has made a massive number of principal changes in the large urban school district. He has replaced about half of the principals in Duval County’s 160 schools since taking over about 18 months ago.

But he has not done this without thought. On the contrary, he has carefully placed administrators back in schools and shifted principals to places they can be successful.

Um, how does he know that? Sounds more like his opinion? In fact how do any of us know he isn’t just throwing darts at a board or listening to the wrong voices?

I know a lot of teachers who are very surprised about many of his moves especially his top admin moves.

I write this not to bash but the TU has to be careful. The TU had a love relationship with Ed Pratt and the district languished because of it and he stayed much longer than he should have and if they do the same and give Vitti a pass we will languish again. Every move he makes should be scrutinized and to do less does the city a disservice. In other words instead of blowing smoke up his a** they should do their bleeping job.

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  1. Bravo, Chris! Are you old enough to remember INVESTIGATIVE journalism? The press has a love affair with politicians now, from the national level to the local level. How will things ever improve if reporters are always cheering the people at the top and sneering at the people in the trenches? No wonder bullying is such a problem. Everybody acts like it's a kid problem, but it is EVERYWHERE. The people at the top are never questioned, only applauded.

  2. I'd like to see the climate surveys he references in the video. Why does the T-U just let him tell us, instead of SHOW US! And it's not possible to nurture middle school students the way elementary teachers can. Teachers have 125 students instead of 20. How do you build relationships with 125 students? I think the whole "build relationships" is BS anyway. The only relationship that is appropriate is a teacher-student relationship. It seems like another way to blame the teacher for student misbehavior by saying, "You didn't build a relationship." I don't want to build a relationship with a disruptive, uncooperative kid. I want him/her out of the room so other students can learn. Learning is the purpose of school. The disruptive kid can go to the office and learn that misbehavior has consequences.

    If somebody in the neighborhood lets his dog run loose, parties loudly every night, shoots his gun in the air, never mows his grass and keeps junk cars in his yard, I don't want to go over and knock on his door and "build a relationship" with him. I'm just going to call the police or code enforcement.

    I didn't have "relationships" with my teachers. I had relationships with my family and friends. And I don't think the kids want that either. It's just psychobabble.

  3. Did I just hear him say he made mistakes? I am curious if the district is still using vertical learning communities. The regrouping of clusters with the elementary, middle school and high school feeder pattern is just the first step in such an endeavor.

  4. What happened to the journalists that brought the problems at Florida College Jacksonville to light? Maybe they should be reassigned to Duval County Public Schools.

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