The Times Union’s embarrassing privatization agenda

First read the article, then read my response and if you think I am out of line let me know.

Um this is what the Times Union is writing about? Not the embarrassing and inappropriate curriculum? Not discipline which has gotten worse? Not the micromanagement and intimidation of teachers?  Not the superintendent who is article trying to privatize our public schools? Not parents who aren’t capable of helping their children? Not the millionaires who are buying our schools?



This is the letter I sent the “reporter”.

Your last piece embarrassed me, all kids need is yellow sahes and certificates and they will be successful, oh wait how about putting them on medicine, giving them small classes and metal health counselors or you know the things I and other public school teachers have been advocating for, begging for, for years. 

If this kid would have had responsible parents and a school system with the resources it needs when he was in public school he would have been successful there too.

I doubt this kid is getting the same quality of education he would receive in public school, and your article should have been about how public schools are starved of resources.

I have to say the paper gets worse and worse with every article I read. 

And I am done, I will not help you with articles any more, I can no longer hope you and the Times Union get it together and put the city before your privatization agenda.

Chris Guerreri

We need a paper that is going to fight for our schools, unfortunately we do not have one.

Note: A reader said they felt I was being to hard on the parent. The article said now the child is on medication and getting counseling, which leads me to believe these are new developments.  At the end of the day though, what do I know? I imagine the mom feels overwhelmed and is doing the best she can. I wish them and all the children at Daniel nothing but the best. My heart aches for them and I hope so much for them.

That being said, this blog wasn’t about Daniel it was about the Times Union supporting the privatization of our schools and make no mistake that is what is happening. Public schools are placed in no win situations and when they ultimately fail the Times Union goes, hey look over their the private sector has a school that is working.

The article was little more than an ad for a private school and one that takes McKay Scholarships and Personal Learning vouchers.

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  1. I think you were too harsh. I think you need to write and give your point of view. I think you need to continue to write. The TU is trying to give all points of view? No?

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