The Times Union stops just short of calling Jason Fischer a liar

Former councilman and current charter review commission member Matt Schellenberg doesn’t.

From the Times Union,

So why has Rep. Jason Fischer proposed a state law that would allow a referendum on the subject of an elected superintendent? This would be a return to the bad old days when politics trumped educational credentials.
Fischer told the Charter Revision Commission that when he talks to residents in his district an overwhelming majority like the idea. But former Councilman Matt Schellenberg, who also represented the Mandarin area, said he has heard no such groundswell of interest…
…If educational performance isn’t behind Fischer’s proposal for an elected superintendent, what could be?
And that’s where speculation in the community is on overdrive.
Could it be an attempt to take over the school system by political power brokers?
Could this sudden interest in a radical change in the superintendent’s position be connected to having a black female as the appointed superintendent?
Fischer and proponents of this measure say innocently that it’s only meant to give voters more influence. That’s baloney.
Think about this friends, those same constituents he now says are overwhelmingly for an elected super are the same ones he said were overwhelmingly for an appointed school board just a few weeks back. Fischer lies as effortlessly as I breathe.
He’s doing what his masters on the civic council are telling him to do, no more no less.
You know I bet there isn’t much Schellenberg and I would agree on. In fact I have covered him a few times too and it hasn’t been good, but he would be so much better than Fischer who represents all that’s wrong in politics.
We have a state rep who lies, and is trying to harm our schools and city, on behalf of his donors. It’s disgusting and we deserve better.  

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