The Times Union prints its annual KIPP puff piece.

I can’t link you to the piece because I am not in the Times Union’s special little club but suffice to say it oozed accolades. It did mention something of note though. Of the 88 members of the first class only 64 made it to the end. That may be nothing as kids routinely matriculate out, the problem here is KIPP has a reputation for “counseling out” poor performers.

The piece as you can imagine left out several important facts.

The first year the grade was the worst in North East Florida, the second it “miraculously” improved to a B, something that in the real world doesn’t really happen that often, then it’s third year the grade would have dropped to a D if it wasn’t protected by the states ridiculous rule, pushed by Gary Chartrand who paid for the school to come to town, that prevents schools from dropping more than one grade. Then this year despite the fact KIPP spends more than public schools do, its scores  were far from world beating. 

Are there good things going on at KIPP and if so why aren’t they being replicated at the exclusive prep schools? To be honest I don’t know. I have my doubts but wouldn’t it be nice if the Times Union did some real reporting and let us know?

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  1. By "far from world beating" you mean ANOTHER solid B, right?
    You are more than welcome to come visit KIPP any time. You will probably enjoy that the "miraculous" formula is pretty simple: get good teachers and then get out of those teacher's ways.

  2. No concerns at all? Spending a lot more money plays no role? What about counseling out poor performers? I am far from convinced and I would love to see their books. Also schools don't typically go F, B, D, B, that makes me wonder whats going on.

  3. What is your evidence about "counseling out" poor performers? The books are public record and the school has an open door policy…

    And could you link us to some of the "annual" puff pieces for context?

    Have you been to the school? Interviewed anyone there? Or is it just easier to lob bombs from afar?

    1. 24 out of 88 kids in their first class didn't make it through, that's about 30 percent, then google KIPP and counseling out poor performers, you will find plenty of examples.

      I guess my overall points are if public schools had about a third more in resources and could put requirements on parents. they would blow KIPP away and even with those advantages KIPP has been uneven to say the least and we don't really know what is going on.

  4. Counseling out, or, like most urban schools, subject to a highly transient population? You are offering pure conjecture based on a few Google resources and pure conjecture.

    And what requirements does KIPP place on parents? They sign a silly, symbolic "commitment to excellence" from what I hear. No teeth to it, no consequences for not following it…

    And is KIPP to be chastised for aggressively pursuing grants? Or should public schools be shamed for not being as aggressive? KIPP gets the same public dollars; actually less after paying district fees! This also doesn't take into account how Vitti has cut their, and other charters, Title 1 funding by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    1. You seem really enamored with KIPP. I prefer a more cautious approach and since they spend about a third more per pupil, once again, give any pubic school a third more in resources and a symbolic commitment to excellence and I believe their performance would far and away exceed what is happening at KIPP. I get it though, you disagree.

  5. So you don't add a comment about the extra time question? Just so you know, your editing of what gets posted on your blog makes you a complete and total hack. A fraud. Charlatan. It's too bad that you are scared to engage in actual dialogue, because there is nothing more important than this issue.

  6. I only hate that you selectively filter the "discussion" on your blog. You love to lob out your conspiracy theories, but then cut off, or exclude anyone who has a point or question contrary to what you have decided the truth is. Just bad practice man…

    1. Give me something. anything to look at and I will. I am searching for the right answer not for my answer to be right but as I see it and with all the info I have, which I generally site, KIPP is a bad deal. You have yet to show me anything different. Give me something to look at and I will.

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