The Times Union misses 5 million reasons to get rid of TFA

Every time the Times Union does a piece about Teach for America they leave out a very important detail, and that is they are expensive. The district has committed six hundred thousand dollars to Teach for America, then with the QEA donations that goes up to five million (over three years), finally throw in the 5,300 that each TFA teacher receives a year for two years in loan forgiveness and and we have now spent almost 15k extra per teacher.

Now you might be saying only 600 grand comes from the district but even that means we are spending, sans training and first and second year teachers get a lot more training than veterans, the same amount on these novices which create an ever revolving door of and exacerbate the teacher retention problem what we spend on a 7th year veteran.

What would happen if we spent that five million dollars to attract veterans or top grads? Why don’t teachers get the same loan forgiveness?

It’s because the powers that be behind Teach for America dislike labor and want to reduce the teaching profession and every time the Times Union does an article about them and leaves out all the extra expenses then they have joined the wrong side on the war against teachers.

To read the TU piece, click the link:

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  1. Do you notice that the Times Union does not have analytically minded people working for them; they just throw up stuff there and thats it. And, TFA is just one of the many tools at work for undermining the Public Schools System.

    If RICK SCOTT wins the Election, expect an ACCELERATION of EDUCATION PRIVATIZATION. Boy, he will make JEB BUSH proud; Good bye to Public Schools and Good bye to learning! The Diploma Mills will be working in full swing!

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