The Times Union engages in some stunning hypocrisy to protect Vitti.

The Times Union’s editorial staff is just really, really bad.

In two short months, two new board members will take over. That could change the dynamic on a board that desperately needs to change its culture from its current dysfunctional state.
Removing Vitti will not fix the board’s issues, and it will undercut the will of the voters.
I.E, please wait to Chartand’s man Jones gets in there to save him.
I went back and looked for their editorial complaining about three lame duck members hiring Superintendent Vitti just weeks before the new board was sat and guess what I couldn’t find it.
Most of the other points are weak and oversold as well.
Like you know where else graduation rates are up? EVERYWHERE, please stop giving him credit for that.
I could have went almost line for line and debunked what they wrote but I started to get ill.
If only we had an editorial staff that took the time to inform themselves, the city deserves better.

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  1. The TU is a joke without a punchline. They write whatever the Jax Chamber wants them to write. When was the last time they wrote an article about what teachers want?

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