The Times Union dismisses teachers… again

The editors from the Times Union wrote an open letter to the
incoming superintendent where they talked about all the positive education
resources that Jacksonville has. They went on and on and at one point even
mentioned themselves, heck I believe the kitchen sink got a shout out.

One group however they did not mention was the city’s
teachers. You know that hard working group of men and women who have been on
the front line and have had to endure the horrendous policies of the last superintendent
and current school board over the years. You know those who were give all of
the responsibility and none of the authority or support.
Once again the Times Union treats teachers as an after
thought, heck make that gives no thought to teachers at all.

We are never going to improve as a district as long as
we continue to marginalize and ignore our teachers and that’s not 
hyperbole that’s just how it is.

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