The tangled web that Jason Fischer weaves

Jason Fischer shortly after the end of his second year on the board announced he was running for the state house and in doing so he has amassed quite the war chest.

I would also like to remind everyone that Mr. Fischer had a love for soil and water before he had a love of education, he just lost in that election bid.

Back to his war chest, Fischer has taken tens of thousands of dollars from charter school interests including Ralph Azra (through the Azra consulting group). 

That name should sound familiar as Azra is the former disgraced legislator who has close ties with  his cousin Robert Fernandez, the Miami Lawyer who is the one behind the email and records request that targeted school board members Couch, Wright and Hall, that dug up Hall’s, controversial quote, which was released at the same time school grades came out, which I believe distracted the city from our performance.,14234

So Fischer is taking money from the cousin of the lobbyist/lawyer that outted a political rival and who thus far has refused weeks of requests asking why he asked for the emails and texts in the first place.

This was undoubtedly payback for Hall, Wright and Couch voting against a new Charter Schools USA school but what if its more than even just that.

Vitti wasn’t going to recommend the new charter schools USA school until he had a meeting with CUSA officials where they supposedly said, we will hold off on opening the school for a year and we will hire an overseerer for all the local CUSA schools, something they have not done yet. It was then that Vitti changed his mind.

What if instead of just saying that CUSA said, we’ll also sick our attack dog cousins Ralph Azra/Robert Fernandez on your political rivals too. If Couch, Wright and Hall have any dirt we’ll find it and you can use it when needed.

I am not saying that is what happened, but the reality is this is what happened. Vitti said no to CUSA, they had a meeting, Vitti said yes, and dirt on a school board member who routinely opposes Vitti’s plans was released by CUSA’s close ally who and it shouldn’t be lost on anybody, gave money to Jason Fischer.

Friends, charter schools are big business in Florida with millions and millions of dollars on the line. People are getting obscenely rich off them. Charter school money is also building political careers like Fischer and trying to end them like Halls. 

4 Replies to “The tangled web that Jason Fischer weaves”

  1. According to delegal arza went after couch, hall, & wright when they voted against a cusa expansion last fall. Kind of funny that Fischer was the only board member to call for hall's resignation after textgate. Alarm bells are ringing.

  2. It's sad for our children that Fisher is on the School Board. He should resign and go work for the charter schools. Our children need people who really care about their education.

  3. So sad. Using the poor children in duval county to springboard your political aspitations. Glad mine are no longer in this system.

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