The Systematic Duping of Florida’s Voucher Parents

At Duval’s school board meeting, foe of public schools and school board member (I know what an odd combination) presented a resolution against the State School Board Association’s lawsuit against the state’s voucher program. To help out Step up for Student’s the states voucher provider rallied the troops and about a dozen parent’s came out to tell how vouchers saved their children from terrible public schools and how if the school board didn’t pass the resolution they didn’t know what they would do.

Follow me for a second, they thought the voucher debate for the state was going to be decided right then and there and if the school board voted no then their kids would be thrown into the streets with their scholarships revoked.

It was so bad that not one but two school board members had to explain to them that this resolution was little more than symbolic in nature. That nothing about vouchers being legal or not would be decided that night and would never be decided by them but by the courts.

Where did theses parents get the idea that their children would be thrown out into the cold?  From the same people that told them private schools without accountability are better than public schools and from the same people who have been demonizing, marginalizing and starving public schools of resources for years.

I felt bad for these parents, I don’t doubt their sincerity for a second. Sadly however they are being duped by the people who seek to profit off our children by privatizing our schools and that’s both a shame and one more reason we should all be against the way Florida does vouchers.

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  1. The voucher groups PAC Florida Federation For Children is expanding their political muscle and $$ beyond legislators and is now putting considerable sums into many school board races, taking out the incoming FSBA president and president elect. They paid for Bridgette Ziegler for Sarasota County School Board mailings. She was appointed by Gov Scott to fill a vacancy but came in 2nd in primary and is in a run off in Nov. I think its dangerous that they are putting pro voucher candidates on public school boards.

  2. This man Rick Scott is terribly bad news for Florida! He is selling out wholesale, LOCK STOCK and BARREL. I wonder if Charlie Crist would do anything better for education.
    Too many young minds are being wasted and too many young lives are ending prematurely. Come on people, start adding the #s, connect the dots, cross the T,s, and dot the i,s, or we will lose several generations.

  3. Vouchers SAVE MANY CHILDREN from getting a better education @ the PUBLIC SCHOOLS. You see, when parents are UNEDUCATED, or TOO BUSY, or Just NAIVE, they may believe that the A and A+ grades their children bring home make them smart. In fact, in many cases these nice grades are just ICING on a CAKE. Lots of these kids did not learn as much as, or as well as their counterparts in the Public Schools.

    Here is a scenario:
    One of my neighbors always boasted that her 12 year old daughter in 6th grade, @ a Private School on Voucher, knows more math than my daughter in 6th grade, @ a Public School. So, her daughter asked what my daughter was doing. I told her she was doing her math homework at home. She asked if my daughter needs her help and I replied in the affirmative. So, I asked her to get a sheet of paper and a pen, which she did. When she saw a couple of similar pre-algebra problems my child was doing, she said uh… she is over her head with that. I asked her if she is going to help my daughter with the homework. She replied, "I can't do that level of math". Well, guess what is the matter? The child is not really learning better in the PRIVATE SCHOOL on VOUCHER; she is getting the A+ GRADE in math for conveying a HANDSOME PIECE of TAXPAYERS' DOUGH to a PRIVATE SCHOOL. So, the CHILD, her PARENTS, and TAXPAYERS are DUPED by a BUNCH of CRONY CAPITALISTS. Of course, its a way that Taxpayers TITHE to the CHURCH.Its a church school.

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