The Stunning hypocrisy of the Florida Times Union or Just how dumb is the public defender?

The second part of above is the title of Ron Littlepage’s latest
blog. Mr. Littlepage is a long time columnist for the Times Union and I think
asks a legitimate question. It seems like Jacksonville’s public defender is
making one unforced error after another. I also wonder is they are going to
pull Littlepage’s blog because of that that title, after all it is a little
Another reason I ask is because my blog was pulled from the
Times Union after I wrote the classic: Is Gary Chartrand homophobic?
Mr. Chartrand made some controversial remarks at a recent
education summit and I felt like the question was worth asking. I didn’t say he
was, I just let Mr. Chartrand’s own words do the talking for him.
I however was removed from their feed. How is what I did
different from what Littlepage did?

You know I learned to read at the dining room table
with the Jacksonville Journal and my mother worked there for 28 years; it has been a big part of my life but it is nothing like it used to be and really does the
citizens of Jacksonville a disservice.   

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