The stunning hypocrisy of councilman Aaron Bowman

His fight against the school tax referendum was never about getting more information and making sure the city got a good deal and he as much admitted that today in the Jacksonville Daily Record.

Here is what he said, Bowman, a second-term Republican, said Thursday that he had not read all the details of the proposed agreement, but he is supportive of the Lot J project. 

“It’s transformational,” Bowman said. “It’s not often someone comes knocking at your door saying I want to invest half-a-billion dollars in your city.”

Bowman hasn’t seen all the details about lot J proposal but he is for it, where he saw truckloads of details about the tax referendum and gave it only disdain. The truth is no amount of details would have satisfied him because he wants our schools to fail.

Then lot J is transformational? Um how? Don’t we have the things proposed already? You know what would be transformational? A 1.2 billion dollar  school revitalization program and then he wrong on the basic facts because the tax payers are kicking in 233 million of that but he is banking enough people won’t care or won’t notice, this is Jacksonville after all.

Bowman is a parody of those politicians you see in comics and TV all bluster zero substance. he is more boss hog than Daniel Webster and sadly the people of Jacksonville where republicans vote against their self interests and democrats just don’t vote.

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