The state’s voucher provider Step up for Students runs roughshod over the rules

A billion dollars that is what the state diverts from the treasury that would go to education to pay for vouchers.

Tens of millions, that’s what they state started to spend straight from the treasury this year.

Where private schools that take vouchers might be good, we really have no idea because they are so lightly regulated and monitored.

We do know the accountability measures that are so important for public schools are practically non existent for voucher schools, despite them both being financed with public money.

Here is a great piece where you can learn more.

Step up for Students is the number one provider of vouchers in Florida and a scathing audit revealed they aren’t very good at following the rules or spending the tax payers money. Who wants to bet Tallahassee wont care, because accountability is only for public schools.

Here is a brief summary provided by Accountabaloney

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Sigh, why are some things required of public schools that choice schools are exempt from? Public schools experience accountability on steroids, while charter schools have a lot less regulations, while voucher schools have none.

Well friends, we don’t need to ask why because we know, it’s the destruction of public education and the teaching profession that Tallahassee wants and because of that organizations like Step up for Students can do as they want with nary a consequence. 

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  1. I started a letter writing campaign last year, and happily got some people from around the state to join. If you are interested in the draft of my letter to companies that participate in Step Up For Students, please email me at cleaveremiko[at] It's important to let companies know that we expect them to support schools that don't discriminate against some of Florida's children

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