The state lets Chartrand’s KIPP school manipulate its grades again

The KIPP charter school arrived with a lot of fanfare and then promptly received the lowest grade in North East Florida and I am not exaggerating, the lowest.

The next year it got a miraculous B and in it’s third year it’s grade dropped all the way back down to a D, except it didn’t. You see that year Gary Chartrand helped push through a rule that said school grades could only drop one letter grade, so on the score card even though it earned a D, it said C.

Well KIPP is back to its old tricks.

From the Times Union:

The board also unanimously approved allowing two KIPP charter schools to join into one.

KIPP Voice, a kindergarten through fourth-grade school, and KIPP Impact, a middle school, currently operate in one building. The state allowed the two schools to become one and to take the highest state grade for its joint report card, so the new school will take KIPP Impact’s C rating instead of KIPP Voice’s D rating from last year.
I can’t make this shit stuff up because if I did people would find it too unbelievable.
More from the Times Union:
Several board members complained that state laws already favor charter schools over school districts in many rules and regulations. But a massive education bill awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature will give them even more advantages.
For instance, the bill would give millions in local tax dollars to open new charter schools without having to prove that those schools are needed, like district schools do, board Vice Chairwoman Ashley Smith Juarez said.
Also the bill will tie school districts’ hands to object to opening new charter schools or renewing struggling charter schools. Karen Chastain, the district’s legal counsel, said that charter schools will have various ways to appeal district actions against them, with districts footing the legal bills if they lose in court.
So what does the board do? It votes to open two more charters, and allows two to combine to inflate its grade and before you say, well what about what Chastain said, I wouldn’t go to her for legal advice about a parking ticket and where the bill most likely will pass, it hasn’t passed yet. Up is down, black is white, dogs are playing with cats and people are jumping on the furniture. Friends it makes no sense.

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